Waveney Valley Ecumenical Partnership

The Waveney Valley Ecumenical Partnership is a group of  6 Christian churches set alongside the River Waveney between Harleston and Bungay. The winding blue/green line* at the top of these website pages represents the River Waveney, as it meanders through meadows between Harleston and Bungay.

Four of the churches are in Norfolk, two are in Suffolk, and travelling between them you find yourself crossing the border (the river) time and again. Some initials make the text less cumbersome, and their explanation will help what follows:

CTE ............ Churches together in England
WVEP ......... Waveney Valley Ecumenical Partnership
URC ............ United Reformed Church
CofE ........... Church of England
LEP ............ Local Ecumenical Partnership
Methodist .... Methodist Church of Great Britain

Of the churches:

Emmanuel (Bungay) is a URC / Methodist LEP 
Denton is a URC / CofE LEP.
Wortwell is URC alone.
Fressingfield and Pulham Market  are Methodist alone.

London Road (Harleston) is a Methodist/URC LEP

As well as working together in the WVEP, the churches also work with other local churches in less structural ways, in Churches Together groups (in Bungay and Harleston), with formal local Covenants (Pulham Market) and with informal co-operation (Fressingfield and Wortwell).

The sponsoring body for the WVEP is the Norfolk and Waveney Churches Together, which is a part of CTE.

You’ll see from the Constitution that one of the main common tasks of WVEP is appointing and supporting the minister.  The current minister is a Methodist minister. When she moves on it is anticipated the next minister will be  URC, and we have organic connections with our parent churches through:

The East Anglia District of the Methodist Church and
The Eastern Synod of the URC.
Our connection with the Church of England is through Denton and is less organic than that with Methodism and URC.

* The Partnership header with the winding "river" is the work of David Gibson